What People Think of Us…

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Two nights ago, before going to bed, I began a little experiment. Through my iPhone Hootsuite App, I posted a tweet and updated my Facebook status with a simple question: “How would you describe me in a single word?” At the moment, none of my 706 Twitter followers have responded. Of my 1846 Facebook friends, only 31 or so attempted … Read More

DouglasRYoungWhat People Think of Us…

The Importance of Trust

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In my final MACRR class, I’ve been reading The Leadership Challenge by Kouzes and Posner. It has been an incredible read and I anticipate reading it more than once. It is replete with profound thoughts that are essential to all leaders, both current and would be. Trust is at the core of leadership. One might think he/she is a leader, … Read More

douglasryoungThe Importance of Trust