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It’s a common response to conflict. I like how Ken Sande refers to it as an “Escape Response.” After all, avoidance is a means of escape. It’s thought that avoidance from a situation will prevent conflict but it doesn’t. The conflict is already in play. It’s already affecting you intrapersonally. … Read More


The Genesis of Conflict: The Role of Personality

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I wish I could reduce the role that personality plays in generating conflict to being about extroverts and introverts, but to do so would be tantamount to saying being an All-Star professional baseball player is merely about being positive versus negative. It’s just not that simple! But it doesn’t have … Read More

douglasryoungThe Genesis of Conflict: The Role of Personality

The Genesis of Conflict

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Conflict management is about more than simply navigating through tension and turmoil in various settings. Conflict management takes into account things that precipitate and arouse conflict. Conflict isn’t the beginning point; circumstances and other factors serve as its catalysts. So what are some things that breed interpersonal conflict?

DouglasRYoungThe Genesis of Conflict

Your Face Can Say It All…

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In interpersonal relationships, you sometimes don’t have to say a thing to get your message across. Your face can say it all. Whatever… Give me a break… You think you know it all… Loser… I wish you’d shut up and listen to me… A facial expression is a prime mode … Read More

douglasryoungYour Face Can Say It All…

The Apparent Need for Polarization

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At the moment, it seems most people either love or hate Chick-Fil-A. I have no feelings about Chick-Fil-A save that they offer an overpriced sandwich, and that overcharging has had implications over the course of Judeo-Christian eras. But that’s their problem not mine. At the moment, it seems most either … Read More

douglasryoungThe Apparent Need for Polarization