Thank you for your interest in my life and work. I am trying to be a disciple of the most amazing man ever to live, husband to the most amazing woman on the earth, father to three incredible kids, while being the single most amazing work in progress over whom I have any influence whatsoever. None of this is easy but it’s my charge.


I serve as the minister to the Teague Church of Christ in Teague, TX. My ministry, though, is anything but confined to the church. I work with the Teague Ministerial Alliance, currently serving as Vice President. You’ll even catch me delivering Meals on Wheels on Wednesday mornings.


This blog is truly an outlet. You’ll quickly notice I write about a variety of subjects: ministry, life, photography, sports, conflict, CrossFit and my obsession with Spartan Racing. The fact is… Most of it is all related in some way. I suppose, depending upon how you think about it, that is both good and bad.

My Invitation to You

I’m not the most interesting guy in the world but I have a story that may help you. Read about it. Invite others to do the same. I’m sure you’ll find something here with which you’ll resonate. Correspond with me. Let’s make a difference together!



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