Some things are better off dead…


I’m not trying to offend.  It’s true.

20150524125156I don’t want anyone to think I’m writing this from a posture of insensitivity, much less infer that I’m suggesting something I’m not. I am, in fact, writing this with a heightened sense of awareness and sadness that comes from knowing a colleague of mine lost his son, a mere toddler, last night. So let’s extract any notion whatsoever that I might be talking about people in any way. Ok?

Agronomists unequivocally believe it’s true. Fire, while devastating, has the power to inflame regeneration. But it first has to kill and destroy.

Scorched plant-life serves to fertilize a soil that has been purged of old, stagnant growth, as well as warmed by added exposure to the sun. The warming effect on the soil also serves to stimulate the germination process. Good can come from death, so to speak, but the fire is essential.

For the past few years, I’ve let this blog die a slow, agonizing death. I let it succumb to a smoldering heat, every so often breathing air onto it to keep the fire alive. It had to happen, though. For something to be done with this particular field, it would require a measured burn so that it could once again live. I’d need to kill it in order for it to be reborn.

I suppose what has happened here somewhat mirrors what has happened in my life. I’ve cut loose many inhibitors, abandoned many ideas, but most importantly given up on hopelessness. I’ve discovered new interests that excite me, stumbled upon people who inspire me, and am working toward cultivating passions that can sustain me. It was all needed.

No one more than me personified the renown quote from Albert Schweitzer,

The tragedy of life is not that man dies, it’s what dies in man while he lives.”

The stench of death, while not necessarily so obvious to others, was unmistakable to me. Something tells me those closest to me could detect it, which further pushed me to act before it was too late.

And so here I am. Reborn. Revitalized. Restored.

New things will emerge from this space from a reborn me, and I can’t wait to see what materializes.

DouglasRYoungSome things are better off dead…