Characteristics of Dishonest People

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There may be nothing more frustrating in interpersonal relationships than having to deal with dishonest people. I don’t know if it will help or not, but I found it therapeutic to enumerate characteristics of dishonest people. Maybe just maybe, insight into how they function might help us understand and endure the difficulties that come with interacting with them.

  • Dishonest people think they are honest. It is a part of being self-deceived. If you’ve ever read Leadership and Self-Deception you’ll know what I mean.
  • Dishonest people want you to trust them, but the moment you turn your back… well… you know what happens. Dishonest people command what they don’t deserve; they expect from others what they don’t issue themselves. Jesus called this kind of thing “hypocrisy.”
  • Dishonest people are predictable. Dishonest people adhere to patterns of self-justifying coping methods. Generally, gossip and innuendo are fairly predictable patterns of behavior.
  • Dishonest people work best in “he said… she said” situations. The reason needs no explanation.
  • Dishonest people will say what is convenient at that moment, not thinking about how it might conflict with previous statements. For the sake of the moment, they will often deny what they said previously. People will do just about anything to “save face.” If that’s not a red flag then nothing is.
  • Dishonest people have difficulty sticking on the subject of a discussion. To keep the heat off, they’d rather deal with things not-so-close to home, if you know what I mean.
  • Dishonest people manipulate others. It’s a power thing, and untruth is strong form of manipulation. It’s the easy way to get the unfair advantage.
  • Dishonest people look for ways around the system. Protocols exist for a reason. People who look for ways around protocols and procedures do so for a reason. You make the inference.

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DouglasRYoungCharacteristics of Dishonest People

4 Comments on “Characteristics of Dishonest People”

  1. Shane

    I started to tell you that I recognize a few of those in my own life, but I decided I wasn’t that honest. It’s a good list, Doug. Now that we can identify them, any advice on how to deal with them?

  2. Alvin Kellam

    In my former, unsaved life, I was very dishonest. One thing that I used to do was get very upset with anyone that even hinted that I might not be telling the truth. This anger made people second guess yhemselves, or sometimes feel bad for accusing me when I was the one in the wrong. Now that Christ is changing me I can admit this.

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