Believing in Our Kids…


My best thinking takes place while driving. At times I wish I could have a mobile office in my truck so I could take long drives that might excite creativity, deep contemplation, and reflection. A year or so ago, while driving back from my hometown, I got to thinking about … Read More

DouglasRYoungBelieving in Our Kids…

CrossFit and The Value of an Opinion

DouglasRYoungCrossFit, Journal

There’s a saying in CrossFit circles that goes something like this: “CrossFit is like fine art. It’s critiqued by many but understood by few.” That being said… A person’s opinion matters, and all are entitled to one, but its value is only to degree by which it is informed. Remember … Read More

DouglasRYoungCrossFit and The Value of an Opinion

To Go or Not to Go


I’ve got three very athletic kids. This is both good and bad. Good for them, especially, but, at times, not so good for us. Trying to keep up with all they do and where they have to do it isn’t easy. It’s  time consuming, terribly tiring and not to mention … Read More

DouglasRYoungTo Go or Not to Go

Some things are better off dead…


I’m not trying to offend.  It’s true. I don’t want anyone to think I’m writing this from a posture of insensitivity, much less infer that I’m suggesting something I’m not. I am, in fact, writing this with a heightened sense of awareness and sadness that comes from knowing a colleague … Read More

DouglasRYoungSome things are better off dead…